The Underwriting is a 12-part story about Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Told through theperspective of six characters involved in the IPO of Hook, a location-based dating app, the story is a semi-satirical look at the lives of under-35 urban professionals living in a tech-enabled world.

New episodes were released each Wednesday beginning March 5, 2014, and were free to read on www.theunderwriting.com for 24 hours, after which they became available for purchase as Kindle, Tablet, or Audio files. Readers who purchased episodes received deals from our brand sponsors, twelve companies that represent the world within the story.

In addition to the written text, readers could enjoy custom DJ playlists that were timed to mirror the emotions of each episode. Custom artwork and photography also accompanied each episode, and a theme song was composed especially for the work.

A lot of readers tuned in to the story while at work. To ease the stress of sneaky bosses, an Escape button provided a convenient work-appropriate Screen Savers that were mostly love letters to celebs with large twitter followings.

To keep readers on track with the story, a Pinterest map tracked the places mentioned in the book and business cards provided handy bios. Finance tutorials from Nutmeg explained relevant finance concepts presented in the book, like IPO logistics, stock options and public markets.

A Tumblr page discussed various decisions around the project, and offered highlights from user commentary.

To help people find out about The Underwriting, a video trailer was released in advance of the season. Mid-season adventures in guerilla marketing included hosting tinder accounts for our characters, doing podcast interviews with our sponsors and spray-painting our logo around midtown Manhattan.

The Underwriting was funded like a start-up, with investment from venture capitalist investors. All fulfillment of audio and digital episodes was completed in-house and distributed exclusively through the website. It would never have been possible without the dedication of an amazing crew of global talent.

The Underwriting is Series A of a Five-Season plot. Series B: The Club will premiere in 2015. Readers can purchase the full season or individual episodes and join our email list for updates on The Club.

To learn more about The Underwriting, check out some of our Press, or contact Michelle on Twitter @ammiller1012 or michelle@theunderwriting.com.